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About Senior Relocation Services

Dawn Agent realtor Chesapeake Bay Real Estate PlusMoving Seniors with ease… and how it got started here

Over the past 25 years, Dawn has been in the real estate business, and assisted many senior clients with moving arrangements on a much smaller scale. Over the course of time, she realized how much our senior transition experts could be of use to so many.

Let our understanding and reliable senior transition experts help you with our wide range of services to help your next move be carefree and effortless. Our caring experts strive to remove all of the physical labor and emotional stress that can be a burden during a big move by providing our services and support to our clients and their families. Relax, our transition experts will take it from here!

Her commitment to giving you the peace of mind, and respectful, personalized service to you and the transition of your prized mementos into your new residence is unsurpassed. Best of all, she helps you to make it an easy experience. Give her a call today.