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CBRE Plus Senior Relocation Services ~ Moving Day

moving Eastern Shore MarylandYour new home has been found. Arrangements have been made for your belongings, either to your new residence, storage, charity or to family members. The movers have been chosen and now the day comes to actually move. What can you expect?

There is going to be some level of anxiety for anyone who is packing up to go to a new home, particularly if that home is where you have lived for a long time.

One of the emphasis of utilizing a service like CBRE Plus is to help lessen your anxiety and do things the way you would have them done, without the stress or worry.

It is recommended to have an ideal window of at least 3 months before moving so that everything can be organized, but life happens and we can help you, even if the move window is shorter.

Come the day you are moving into your new home, you can expect the following to have been done:

• Closing your home, with resale staging in place, and placed on the market if so chosen
• Packing and storing your belongings. This includes donations and shipping to family members.
• Moving and setting you up in your new residence. Unpacking, restocking, and arranging of furniture as well.
• Selling, buying, or renting a home. As we are also in the real estate business, we can assist you with all phases.

The bottom line is that when you open the door to your new home, you will be able to turn on the lights and feel like this is your home. Everything put away, organized and taken care of. Relaxed and done with ease. That is our promise to you.