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Our CBRE Plus Senior Relocation Services

Dawn Lednum realtor Chesapeake Bay Real Estate PlusOwner Dawn Lednum, is a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist® (SRES). A SRES is qualified to address the needs of home buyers and sellers age 50 and older.

She takes great pride and care in helping seniors transition to a new home. To the right, is a simple outline of the many services offered through Chesapeake Bay Real Estate Plus’ Senior Relocation Services. Give her a call today or click here to schedule your free in- home, no obligation consultation.

Consultation: Free in home consultation to help you decide what services you may need.

Plan: Develop a moving and or selling plan.

Selection: Assist in selection of a new residence, assisted living facility, senior sub- division or nursing facility.

Floor Plan: Deciding what furniture, keepsakes and accessories will fit into your new residence.

Moving: Inventory items to be moved with you. Packing and labeling of boxes. Arranging for disbursement of items not moving to your new residence. Assistance in choosing a trustworthy mover. Scheduling and managing the day of the move.

Transfers: Help transfer or disconnect cable, phone and utility services. Provide lists of other important places to be notified of you new move and address change.

Accommodation: Arrange overnight accommodations for day of the move at a local motel or hotel, so you enjoy a peaceful day while we get your new residence ready to call home sweet home the next day.

Unpack & Set in place: Welcome to your new home! Completely unpacked, organized, and set up as discussed in the planning stage. When you enter your new residences, all the boxes will be gone, your furniture will be in place, your closets will be organized, even your bed made and window treatments will be complete, and awaiting your first night in your new home.

Pantry/Grocery Re-Stock: We will even grocery shop and have your new kitchen fully stocked and ready for your first meal.

Restore: We can even repair, paint, and clean your home for sale, or turn over to new owners, occupants or landlords.

Home Staging: We can use what furniture that is left behind, or bring in new temporary pieces to optimize the space and appearance of your home for sale.