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Testimonials 4

“Our house is a pre-fab delivered as 12 boxes to the site. Dawn and her team coordinated with the offsite architect and factory to handle all local aspects of the project, from permitting, septic and foundation, to supervising the installation of the “boxes”, through actual carpentry of siding, decks, porch and balcony. They also completed most of the interior work; tile, counters, flooring, finish work, etc. Their expertise and extensive contacts with local permit officials and excellent subs saved us considerable time, frustration and money. Their project manager caught and prevented several significant problems with outside vendors, first, in the manufacturer’s original “button up” of the boxes, and later in the installation of the fire sprinkler system and the HVAC system. As with any construction process, there were many unexpected delays, but typically they were “official” in nature, and Dawn’s relationships often enabled her to shake things loose and get things back on track. Cost over-runs were largely due to changes in plans or materials. The house is now beautiful, energy efficient and comfortable, and we are very happy with the workmanship and professionalism of Safe Harbour.”