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Chesapeake Bay Real Estate Plus, LLC

Located in the heart of St Michaels and Tilghman Island, Chesapeake Bay Real Estate Plus LLC, is the meeting point for the finest real estate and the most demanding customers. We operate in the majority of the Eastern Shore counties as a full-service real estate company, and currently hold over 20 professionals in 4 divisions in our downtown St Michael’s and Tilghman Island location. We proudly offer you our substantial and well-founded expertise in professional brokerage services: real estate valuation, consulting, leasing, sales, construction and property management of premiere real estate at the highest standard.

At Chesapeake Bay Real Estate Plus, our associates are extremely knowledgeable, “local”. Seasoned professionals who represent the finest real estate Talbot and surrounding counties have to offer. We think of each client as a possible neighbor because chances are, they will be.